SSD Hosting Advantages

Benefits of SSD Hosting You Should Know About

There have been several high-end technological & computing advancements happening around in the recent times. One such major advancement is with respect to the introduction of the SSDs (Solid State Drives). SSD disks are hardware units that make use of the non-volatile memory for storing a huge amount of information securely. Unlike RAM, there is no fear of the major loss of data in case of power outage or some disruption. SSDs store data & information on microchips. As there are no moving parts in a typical SSD, it tends to make them more resistant to movements & there is less delay caused in reading & writing data.

Speed is another factor that makes SSDs a much-preferred option over HDDs (Hard Disk Drives). While HDDs might offer 15-20 milliseconds of reading/writing speeds, SSDs can claim to be offering around 0.2 milliseconds of read/write speed. Owing to this feature, SSDs are increasingly being used in hosting services as well. As the users nowadays expect the speed of light while accessing web pages or information online, SSD hosting can play a vital role in enhancing the overall speed of page loading.

SSD drives tend to be around 3 times faster than typical HDDs and therefore, most businesses tend to choose SSD over HDD. In this article, we will help you understand some major points of benefits offered by SSD hosting over HDD hosting.

  • Way Faster Hosting Speed: When a web host will make use of HDDs for storing the data, the disk will spin & the magnetic head of the HDD will have to move for locating the available information that might be necessary to load the site –each time a visitor will be accessing your site. Though there are only milliseconds of speed differences that you might not notice, these could easily make up for a huge difference when it comes to performing expensive web-related operations.

A typical SSD hosting might include several SSDs working in collaboration for offering high-quality hosting services. Owing to the fact that there are no moving parts involved in an SSD setup, you can expect faster hosting & page loading speed for your website.

  • Highly Reliable: If you happen to drop an HDD accidentally, it could lead to irreversible damage to the data inside. As an HDD contains several moving parts inside it, there is a greater risk of data stored getting damaged easily due to hardware damage. Given the fact that SSDs do not have any moving parts, there is no danger to the data stored inside it even after some major physical damage to the disk. As such, SSD hosting is considered highly reliable in comparison to HDD hosting.
  • Stable: When the hard disk moves during the processing of the data, it could break the ongoing process due to the sensitivity of the hardware. SSDs lack this liability as there are no moving parts inside it. Thus, SSD hosting is highly stable as well.

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