Domain Names – A Beginners Guide To Understanding Domains

Domain names are something which we’ve probably all heard come up in conversation more than once. In the technological era, it’s never been easier for someone to start their own business or company, and they can easily create an online presence by registering their domain name. However, not everyone is fully aware of how they work and what they mean, so we’re going to be taking a look at them in some detail here.

What Is A Domain Name?

Domain names are, in essence, the way that we remember how to get to our favourite websites online. Everyone has their IP address. It is a series of numbers which tell people where you are, and how to get to your site. However, these IP addresses are often long and complicated. Even one wrong digit inputted into the search bar would result in the wrong page being displayed, so people came up with domain names to try and circumvent this issue.

The domain name is just a way of ensuring that we can all get to where we need to be. Rather than trying to type the IP address for Google or Facebook, we just input the names into a search bar and find ourselves connecting to those desired sites with much more ease than you would from typing a series of numbers in. Examples of domain names include such things as ‘’, or ‘’. However, the domain name can be a mixture of numbers and letters, although it is worth noting that it will still often be easier to remember than an IP address.

It’s worth noting that a domain name is not the same as a URL. Technically, you’ll find that the domain name is part of the URL, and forms the entire web address for a website. For example, the whole web address of. ‘‘ is what people use to get to the site, with the domain name just being ‘’. The best place to buy ae domain is at Zen Hosting.

Sometimes, you’ll find that you do make mistakes when it comes to a domain name and that you can’t connect to the site you’re looking for. In this case, it means that either the URL is missing something, or that the domain name server is not working. This further emphasises the importance of putting in the correct details for the site you wish to view.

Overall, the domain name is something which is incredibly helpful for people who want to get to their favourite sites and can not memorise IP addresses. What you’ll find is that a lot of companies stick to one-word domain names for even simpler ways of navigating their sites, but it is not uncommon to see that letters and numbers for the lesser known websites and organisations. With most cases, you can input a name into the search bar of your browser and have it come up as a suggestion, but those people who are inputting URL’s need to make sure that they have exactly the correct details, or the site simply will not load.