UK Copywriting services to the highest standard

Copywriting is what I do

I help all sizes of businesses determine what they need to say online and then write it in the best way possible. My focus is on creating content for the purposes of search engine optimisation. I write text for several forms of media such as desktop websites, mobiles sites, emails and apps. With many years’ experience in the industry of web copywriting and content strategy creation, I know what I am writing about.

The text on your website needs care – it needs copywriting

What users read plays a bit part in whether they trust what is written on the page and will commit to a purchase. For all that people talk about ‘content being king’, there are very few companies that give the attention to how they are perceived online. The way in which you communicate is key to securing and retaining potential customers. Find out how a web copywriter can help with your business.

What is copywriting all about?

Copywriting is the content within contained within a web page or written document whether that be online or via printed medium. When we talk about copywriting, we are really talking about writing compelling content for the purposes of marketing. Usually referred to as search engine optimisation. Copywriting can also be used to write content in such a way that helps persuade a potential buyer. Another use is in raising brand awareness through well written copywriter content.

Copywriting by copywriters

Typically, copywriters are employed within organisation such as SEO Glasgow and similar advertising agencies. Copywriters’ skills are used for several forms of content, whether it be what is written on a company’s website, what they write for radio, newspapers, magazines, social media, email, etc.